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Forbes (04/11/05)
"A scholar of surrealism--and part-time sleuth--is giving leasing companies a run for their money"

Monitor Daily (03/28/05)
"Research Firm Brings 'Outside' Perspective to Norvergence Case"

NJ Star Ledger (04/27/05) Norvergence Feature Story
"Art Scholar's Critical Eye Focuses On NorVergence"


Read the basics about the Norvergence Fraud
Understand leasing companies' role in the wide-spread insurance, bank, accounting, and property tax fraud

A. ELA Report
"The Role of Leasing Companies in the Norvergence Fraud"
(MS Word file: page 1-26)

B. White Paper
"ELA's Recent Decision to Censor Norvergence Report at ELA Conference"

C. "Norvergence and its Lending Partner, the Leasing Industry: The suspect practice of lease flipping goes belly-up"


Obtain justice and restitution for 11,000 Norvergence Victims.
Help us prevent future victims of leasing company frauds.


Thank You!

• Consolidated Products International, Inc. - Joanna Baleson
• Digitcom, Inc
• Ike's Electronics
• Innovative Business Software
• LS Contracting Group
• Magnebit Infosystems, Inc. - P. Jacobson
• Martin Travel Services - Kevin Martin
• PrintComm - Kevin Kennett
• VIP Care Pavilion - Scott Colton
• Marketing Designs, Inc. - Richard Bentley
• Robert Nimmo



Norvergence Class Action (No Fees to Join)

Call Class Action Attorney
Michael S. Green
for more information


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