Norvergence Victims Action Committee (NVAC)
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Committee Members:

NVAC Coordinator
Kevin Martin
Martin Travel Services

Scott Mackenzie, Texas
The Law Offices of Scott Mackenzie, P.C.
9603 White Rock Trail, Suite 324
Dallas, Texas - 75238
Phone: 214.245.4625
Fax: 214.764.0780

Nancy Tomerlin
Office Manager/Controller
DigitCom, Inc.
1145 W. Main St.
Arlington, TX 76013
Office: 817-261-3600
Fax: 817-261-3603
Toll free: 888-248-6228

Rhonda Roland Shearer
Director, Art Science Research Laboratory
62 Greene Street
New York, New York 10012
Phone: 212-925-8812
Fax: 212-925-0459

Karen Layman
Phone  281-392-7600

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