Finally! Criminal Charges against Salzano!
Former NorVergence chief indicted in Louisiana

by Kevin G. Demarrais,
The Fraud continued...
Sterling National Bank defrauds customers in Norvergence & Medicus Scams

Complaint Regarding Sterling National Bank's Pattern of Improper Revenue Recognition and Other Irregulatities

by Rhonda Roland Shearer
Louisiana A.G. charges bank tied to Newark telecom with fraud

by KEVIN G. DEMARRAIS, Staff Writer

The corporation charged is Liberty Bank, FSB.
6400 Westown Parkway,
West De Moines IA 50325
Louisiana's attorney general has filed criminal charges against an Iowa bank, the first criminal action tied to scandal-plagued NorVergence, a Newark-based telecommunications company that went out of business four years ago.

In a case filed in Caddo Parish District Court in Shreveport, Assistant Attorney General James Caldwell charged Iowa-based Liberty Bank of defrauding investors and filing false reports on its activities as part of a telemarketing scheme by NorVergence that cost small business owners throughout the nation millions of dollars.

One complaint from one individual who got nothing for his $120,000 investment was enough to get his office involved, Campbell said

The investigation is continuing and additional criminal charges will likely be filed, Caldwell said by phone. "We're getting ready to roll."

He encouraged anyone who dealt with Liberty or other institutions – "anybody who has a story to share about their experiences" – to contact his office at (225) 326-6120 or by email at

"We would like to talk with them," Caldwell said. » more

Criminal charges filed in telecom case

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
BY GREG SAITZ, Star-Ledger Staff

The attorney general in Louisiana is accusing an Iowa bank of theft in what appears to be the first criminal charges tied to a failed Newark telecommunications firm alleged to have bilked thousands of small businesses.

Liberty Bank of West Des Moines also has been charged with filing a false public record related to its dealings with NorVergence. The New Jersey company promised small businesses, nonprofits and religious groups low rates on telephone, cellular and internet services...

"The bank knew what was going on," Caldwell said yesterday. "They knew what NorVergence was doing and you can't intentionally stick your head in the sand and say you didn't know." » more

FINALLY ! Criminal Charges Filed in Norvergence Fraud by an Attorney General

by author

The corporation charged is Liberty Bank, FSB.
6400 Westown Parkway,
West De Moines IA 50325
"An arraignment today in Caddo District Court of a Missouri-based bank will have far-reaching consequences across the state and nation, involving a number of small business owners that have been defrauded out of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars, Attorney General James D. "Buddy" Caldwell said.

"The Louisiana attorney general's office is the first to file criminal charges against Liberty Bank in a reported lease flipping scam that reaches to New Jersey and points in between and could total $200 million to $300 million in losses... » more
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Paul Anderson shares court papers from his legal victory defending against Sterling Bank

Court Ruling


Posted: 10-26-2006

IFC is not having fun in Texas

See Judge's web site

Read Court Order

Posted: 05-18-2006

With Medicus "Equipment Leases" :
Sterling National Bank Commits Insurance Fraud AGAIN!

Read More

Posted: 04-21-2006

Norvergence News: CIT rears Ugly head — Asks lessees, like Rhonda Shearer, Turbo, Inc., again to settle. Shearer says, "When hell freezes then I'll settle" See what CIT sent her.

Posted: 04-21-2006

John O'Brien, Attorney does excellent job of tying the Royal Links Equipment Leasing Fraud to the similar Norvergence and ATM Equipment Leasing Frauds.
He argues Leasing Companies are not victim but partners in the fraud, Read his Memorandum

Posted: 04-21-2006

This trial result is the biggest victory for the lessees yet! After a full trial the NorVergence agreements have been ruled to be unenforcible.
Please read Court Ruling
Scott Mackenzie, Attorney

Posted: 04-18-2006

Kicking lease company Scott Mackenzie

One of the early and most important battles in the Norvergence scam has been the issue of prior filed litigation in distant forums.

I have now fought my second successful battle against a lease company that had filed suit in Ohio prior to my filing suit here in Texas. In both cases the opposing lease firm has filed a Motion to Stay or a Motion to Abate my Texas lawsuit in favor of their earlier filed out-of-state suit.

As a general rule, a court will honor the prior filed litigation and stay or abate a subsequent filed action. Nothing about Norvergence adheres to the general rule. Both attempts by opposition to halt our Texas proceedings have failed.

The floating forum selection clause (the portion of the Norvergence rental agreement which purports to allow suit in the state of the assignee) is a done deal in Texas. We have beat it at the trial court and at the appellate court and now even in the face of prior filed litigation.

Texans take note that our courts are being proactive in this battle. Bring the fight home to Texas where you have a chance a a fair shake. Those still making payment should stop paying and start fighting. Those who are stuck fighting in a distant forum should make their attorney aware of the developments here in Texas. Those already in the fight in Texas, contact me so we can share pleadings, discovery and other useful materials.

Good luck to all those fighting the Norvergence injustice. Do not hesitate to contact me at

Order denying Motion to Abate

Posted: 02-27-2006

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